What is Facebook Creative Hub?

What is Facebook Creative Hub?

Facebook thinks about everything and that's why it has become, along with Instagram, one of my favorite social networks. Today we will talk about their tool for creating ad templates: Creative Hub.

What is it and what is it for?

Creative Hub is a support tool for all those who create advertising through Facebook and Instagram Ads. Here you can design ad templates that are correctly adapted to the format of computers or cell phones.

On this Facebook platform, you can explore all formats, create an ad template, and share it with clients or the entire creative team of your business.

Among its objectives, also use to inspire you from other ads, that is, to take ideas from the best brands to create advertising on this social network.

Creative Hub is used to:

  • View, create or improve ad mockups, where all the participants of your team will have access to contribute more creative ideas.
  • Import the ads, after the final proposal to be used in the advertising campaign, has been designed.
  • Have a full preview of the ad formats available on Facebook.
  • Analyze the design for both mobile and desktop through Facebook and Instagram
  • Share the content with the entire marketing team and clients.
  • Manage, edit, and export your banner ads with ease.

How to create an ad template in Creative Hub?

  1. Locate at the top the option that says "Create ad template" or "Create mockup".
  2. Click on "Ad Name" and there assign a name.
  3. Then add the name of your Facebook page or your Instagram account.
  4. You will have the options of: "A single image", "Video" or "Sequence". Select the format that you are going to use in your ad.
  5. Then you will have the possibility to add: multimedia content, text, web page, and call to action buttons.
  6. Check your ad in the preview that you will have on the right. Edit if necessary.

In the preview tool, you will be able to customize the mockup of the advertisement you created and decide where that advertisement would appear, that is, the format it will have (photo, video, sequences, etc.).

Advantages of using Creative Hub

  1. One of the best features is that you have the ability to easily create your ads. Creative Hub is fast and secure, you don't have to create asset packages and then mail them to your marketing agency.
  2. You preview your ads in parallel with different placements.
  3. It allows advertisers to see the campaigns and ads that have worked best within Facebook, to implement some of those ideas within their strategy on the "Get inspired" button.
  4. You can choose a category that suits your interests and thus see ads that inspire you to create your own.
  5. Small businesses or start-ups have the ability to create advertisements without it becoming a complex process.

What you need to keep in mind to use Creative Hub

The entire Facebook community can access Creative Hub, but some functions will only be available to people who manage it from the Facebook business manager. For example:

  • Share model previews with other people
  • Collaborate on ad template creation
  • Create video evidence

On the other hand, the ad templates that you create will be automatically saved in the accounts with which you have created them. Also, in case you want to edit the ad, you can do it from the preview, by clicking on "Edit ad template" in the lower-left corner of the page.

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