The 4 Best Landing Page Builder in 2021 (No-Coding Skills Needed)

The 4 Best Landing Page Builder in 2021 (No-Coding Skills Needed)

How to turn visitors into customers? Here's a question that many website owners ask themselves. And the answer may finally be within reach...

The landing pages are valuable allies to increase the conversion rate of your website. Indeed, these landing pages are entirely designed to highlight an offer or even present premium content.

But how do they work? And how can you easily create landing pages to convert more and more potential customers? Here is everything you need to know!

Why are Landing Pages Essential?

Landing pages have very high converting power, which means that they can help you turn simple visitors into customers… And for a very simple reason: Landing pages focus on a single goal. This could be, for example, downloading a white paper, requesting a quote, making a purchase, etc.

In all cases, the content of the landing page is in line with the advertisement or the email that brought the visitor so far. Hence the importance of creating a specific page for each marketing campaign, rather than sending the visitor to the home page of the site, for example.

Why? Because a home page is full of information and links of all kinds. This is perfectly normal: the role of the homepage is to allow the user to easily navigate the site. However, this situation is not suitable for a conversion objective...

The landing page, on the other hand, is designed to get straight to the point and thus capture the visitor's attention. The fewer distractions (links, buttons, and navigation menu), the more effective it is!

The 4 Best Landing Page Builders

Of course, you can opt for “homemade” landing pages… But there are some great landing page builders out there that will allow you to create quality ones easily. So, without wasting time here are 4 that we have selected for you.


More than just a simple landing page builder, Dorik is a real website builder. It provides you with a complete and intuitive editor, which will allow you to customize your pages to the smallest detail. It also offers integrations with different applications like Zapier, Mailchimp or Hotjar, to optimize your site even further. All this at affordable prices!

Dorik homepage


Instapage is a leading software, entirely designed to increase your conversions and boost your advertising campaigns. And there is no shortage of arguments, with its 200 landing page templates and its easy-to-use drag and drop editor. Without forgetting its various optimization tools, very successful: A/B testing, heatmaps...

Instapage homepage


Leadpages is a real Swiss Army knife, allowing you to create all types of content for your website. Landing pages, of course, but also pop-up windows, forms, alert bars, or even modules dedicated to e-commerce… Among the original features of the tool: the Leadmeter, a gauge that assesses quality in real-time of your page to improve it.

Leadpages homepage


Unbounce is one of the essential solutions when it comes to creating landing pages. And for good reason, the software has proven itself, with a hundred quality templates that can be fully personalized thanks to an intuitive editor. Innovative features are also on the menu, in order to improve the efficiency of your A/B tests or your advertising campaigns.

Unbounce homepage

Now you are spoiled for choice! Whatever landing page builder catches your attention, creating optimized landing pages will help you sustainably increase your conversion rate and attract new customers to your site.

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