Everything you need to know about photography for personal branding

Everything you need to know about photography for personal branding

Photography has a communication power that goes beyond what we can describe in words. As they say: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. And in the field of personal branding, this principle is taken to its maximum exponent since there is no better way to convey the essence of a person than by their look, face, and pose in general. For this reason, in this post, I would like to share with you everything I have learned about photography for personal branding through all these years in which I have been working on my own and my clients.

Why is photography necessary for personal branding?

You can have a website, a logo, colors, typography, a communicative tone, and many other resources to show the essence of a brand, but when it comes to a personal brand there is something that cannot be missing: the photograph of your face! ! They say that the face is the mirror of the soul, and that's what your audience wants to see.

Your expressions, the brightness of your eyes, grimaces, postures... all this conveys much better than any other graphic resource what you want to show: who you are, what values you have, what do you know...

Taking a photo session from time to time, when you notice that your brand has changed, you have grown and you want to convey new ideas is essential. And all this must be reflected in your online and offline presence through all your brand resources:

  • Social media profile photo
  • Website or blog
  • Resume
  • Portfolio
  • Proposals for clients
  • Presentations for talks
  • Media interviews
  • books
  • Advertisements

How to have the best photos for my brand?

Get the best photos for your brand

From my first home photographs until I started with beginner photographers and for a few years with true experts, the evolution of my personal brand has noticed the change in terms of image. Below, I gather together the main learnings that I have acquired since my beginnings and have allowed me to improve this aspect of my personal brand year after year.

Choose a good photographer

Not only the budget is important (which it is, and remember that you must also invest in settings, costumes ...) but you really connect with him and know how to capture what you want to convey. Some photographers are technically wonderful but are not used to doing professional photography for your niche. Take this into account and try to explain how important it's for you to reflect certain values and settings in your life.

Create your custom package

Photographers will offer you different packages depending on what you really need. For example, you can ask them for the raw photographs, or they can pass them to you retouched with certain styles, with a transparent background, or even that they make you the necessary formats to use on social networks and other spaces that you need. It all depends largely on you, your budget, your time, and your knowledge in photography, in my case I usually make packages asking for this:

  • 3 hours in a studio
  • 5 changes of clothes
  • ALL photos without editing (same day or in first 24 hours)
  • 10 edited photos
  • Price for additional photo editing

Get Inspired and Prepared

There are excellent photographers who can guide and help you with just about everything, including the choice of scenery and costumes. But it's important that you have your own inspiration board so that the photographer really understands what is the concept you want to convey. To do this, you can use a PowerPoint presentation or a Pinterest board where you can put the images that inspire you. I recommend you look for references in:

Social networks of people you admire, hashtags, and websites of photographers. Then, do not forget to practice in front of the mirror the poses to see you if you really feel comfortable.

Invest to get a good result

The wardrobe, and in general the styling, and even the selection of settings and supplies, can be an extra expense if you have not taken it into account from the first moment. Many photographers include it in their services, but I recommend you compare prices and see different options. For supplies and clothing issues, you can choose to rent to lower costs, and for the stage, you can reach agreements with hotels and other private spaces where you can hold the session.

Have fun in the session!

It may seem like simple advice but... I assure you that sometimes it's the most complicated. If you are stressed or overwhelmed with something... it will show in the photos! I recommend that you take a moment before to relax and focus 100% on what you are doing, in the present. Don't think about anything past or future that can limit you. Forget thinking about: will it work with these poses? That face I have made is fatal! Until the photos are ready and in your hands you cannot judge.

And don't forget, first of all, to talk to the photographer so that everything is clear and there are no misunderstandings during the session and ask for music that encourages you to be who you are.

Photo Ideas for Your Next Shoot

Photo Ideas for Your Profile

Every year I organize a photo session with which I have visual resources for all my products, events where I go as a speaker, advertisements, social networks... I always do it after a mindset exercise where I value what I have achieved in the last year and put vision on my annual goals. For this, the help of my coach is crucial. It's the ideal time to take pictures because I am in a state of wanting to tell the world everything I have planned and want to achieve.

Based on all this, I think about what I want to convey and I follow all the steps described above: I look for the right photographer, I tell my stylist and my personal shopper what I need in terms of image, I think about the poses that I want photographs... and the fun begins!

This year I wanted to take a leap and show myself as I am: transparent, close, and natural. So it all started with the expressions on my face that show me just who I am.

I also take pointing photos for the web, landing pages, advertisements... because I've really seen that CTAs with these types of photos work really well.

Final exercise: Step by step to plan your next photoshoot for personal branding

Now is your time to be inspired and unleash your imagination to launch your next personal branding photography session. Follow these steps:

  1. Define the photographs you need and what you want to convey with them
  2. Get inspired by other photographs to define the poses you are going to use
  3. Think about the style and spaces you need for your session
  4. Find 3 photographers and ask them for a quote with the requirements you have
  5. Relax and enjoy the session

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