Motivational tips for your better personal and work performance

Motivational tips for your better personal and work performance

Writing my first book has not only been one of my most exciting challenges, but it has also helped me understand that turning my own experiences into stories to tell is also a source of personal and professional motivation for other people.

Entrepreneurship scares, this is a reality and I am not going to tell you a lie (or a half-truth) about what it means to say goodbye to that employee position that has been giving you so much stability or the possibility of having a fixed payroll at the end of each month. What was it that prompted me to take the step of betting 100% on my business? Precisely, the term that I come to expose to you today in this post; personal motivation.

My definition of personal motivation

If we look for the definition of motivation in dictionaries and other online media, we see that it is a concept that comes from the Latin movere, so we already deduce that it has to do with the process of moving towards action and, beware, also towards NO action. That is, we can be motivated to start a business or not to do it (and in this second case we would also be talking about motivation).

On the other hand, our taking of the action is caused by an incentive that can be internal or external, and it is when we talk about a motivation that comes from ourselves that we refer strictly to personal motivation.

Personally, there are two types of stimuli that I impose on myself when I want to start taking action now, which are all to do with ultra-productivity and reducing distractions. There is nothing I hate more than ending a day without having met my goals because of, for example, spending a golden time opening and closing applications on my mobile or visiting my profiles on social networks without any end.

Notice that in my example I talk about both positive and negative personal stimuli; On one hand, I fight to be more productive, but also to avoid falling into everyday distractions.

My recommendation is that whenever you are going to feed your personal motivation to take action, do it thinking about doing great things and with values based on love, respect, and perseverance (among others). These are the 3 keys that I instill in my mind every day, while at the same time I am learning from.

The motivation for personal change

We can feel the impulse or the personal daily motivation to do many things, but something I always have in mind is that before being a businessman and a father, I am a person. And do you know what the motto of my personal development has been?

Learn to be happy with little, always living like eagles that stop on the peaks

So, personally and to be successful in other areas, the way I manage my finances has been one of the most important keys. Think that saving allows you to make extra efforts in times of lean cows, invest in other businesses to continue growing, grow your family, and ensure a good retirement.

All people with a successful personal brand have two things in common; save and donate.

I share with you 3 very practical tips so that, if you have not applied them yet, you can activate the motivation for personal change and manage your finances with your head and not with the impulse:

  • Don't spend money that you don't have. Avoid using credit cards, as it means spending what you don't have, a common habit among people who don't save and don't know how to manage their finances.
  • Manage your savings well. For example, saving them before charging so as not to have them (no matter how many they are).
  • Designate a portion of your income only for savings. Do not be overwhelmed with this advice, think that you can always lend yourself money (I even pay it back with interest).

Personal motivation at work

Although these are concepts with different nuance, investing in your evolution as a person also implies working on your personal motivation at work and that of those who work with you. Here is one of the quotes from my book that motivates me the most on a personal level and at work:

An educated client is a client with an open checkbook to continue investing

In fact, from time to time I reward myself for having managed to achieve certain objectives or goals that are special to my company (and not only on a personal level). Now that I am a businessman, we have mini awards and almost all of them are linked to my business and even my team!

If you do not have a team or business as such, surely you work in your day to day with other people, so this advice can also be applied. To know if you are at the right time to reward yourself, you will have to answer 'yes' to these questions:

  • Do you really need it (or do you just want it)?
  • Have you worked hard to reward yourself (do you deserve it)?
  • Can you afford it (or will you generate a debt with it)?

Personal motivation techniques that work

Among the most solid and well-founded personal motivation strategies, let me mention some techniques that have not only worked for me but also my clients:

  • REFERENTS AND / OR ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNERS: A person who will help you achieve everything you set your mind to (other than your partner, a relative, or close acquaintance). A technique that has more to do with avoiding procrastination than feeling fully motivated.
  • PRIORITY SYSTEM: If everything is a priority for you, then nothing will be a priority. Therefore, you have to know how to distinguish and correctly label what is really 'urgent' or 'important', leaving perfectionism aside. Ideally, you should make a to-do list that you must fulfill yes or yes so as not to directly or indirectly affect your business or work.
  • GOAL MOTIVATION: Activating your personal or professional motivation is a matter of setting yourself challenges and committing to meet them. For example; Take note of the billing you want to achieve each month in a fictitious check, and you will see how on many occasions you not only meet it but also exceed it.
  • GOAL DECOMPOSITION (DM METHOD): The DM method (divide and multiply) I also apply it to generate more and better content, but you can apply it to other areas (like any project you finish). For example, you can work on getting all the good that a project has brought you (not only in monetary terms); personal benefits, overcoming certain obstacles that led you to leave your comfort zone and acquire new experiences, etc.

My best personal motivation tips

  • Surround yourself with people who inspire you (young and old), based on their talent and not on their infinite courses and degrees. people who constantly take you out of your comfort zone.
  • Create a life plan designed by and to live unique adventures and experiences (if you have children, think about them; not everything is work).
  • Apply different techniques to tell your own story in an attractive format that motivates others (and even yourself), such as writing a mini-biography with your milestones and positions, in order to identify everything you have to achieve in the next 12 months to complete (something super motivating especially if you are ambitious, but you must always be realistic).
  • Take time to connect with yourself, because before being an entrepreneur or an employee, you are a person (and before being a married person or with children, you only had yourself).
  • For those who work from home, and for those who are difficult to separate the personal from the professional, my advice is to fix yourself in the same way as if you were to work in a physical office (this will help you take your work much more seriously and make decisions in a more responsible and planned way).
  • Commit to your own goals, making future releases public so as not to procrastinate by avoiding other distractions and focusing all your efforts on a single goal with a date and time (this will only add to your personal motivation if, like me, you work well under pressure).
  • Give free rein to improvisation in circumstances in which nerves can betray you because from each experience you can get a great deal of learning that will accompany you in future personal or professional projects.
  • Celebrate each of your goals as if they were the first because even if you have not met the first, you will realize that you learned a lot from that one to design a new action plan.
  • Give yourself a little whim sometimes but be careful not to abuse because they are things that you do not really need. We all give ourselves one from time to time as a source of ephemeral personal motivation (be careful with this, because it really is based on something emotional, and does not last over time, while making money costs much more).
  • Reward yourself for milestones you have previously achieved or any goal you achieve that is important to you or your business (and whoever tells you that this type of advice is not adequate to motivate you personally and professionally, is not honest because we have all fallen into them).
  • Stop reading this post and challenge yourself to have a detail with someone who has deserved it for their talents or achievements.

Do you know that many successful professionals and businesses failed on their first try? This should not be a reason to give up, but quite the opposite; Only by experimenting, trying again and again without getting tired of falling, will you get to the top. And this is the greatest affirmation that you must have in your mind as a source of personal motivation in each project that you propose.

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