How to make the perfect logo

How to make the perfect logo

Some days ago I wrote an article entitled: How much does a logo cost. Where I explained various concepts included within the general concept "Logo". I also talked about the guidelines to follow in order to budget it, including how much it could cost. Today we are going to talk about the process of creating a good logo.

The creative process to make a logo

The process of creating a logo has several phases, very different from each other. Each of them has high importance. I recommend you to take them into account and do not skip any phase to do a good job.

We are going to consider that the logo we have to make already has a name, so the phases of creative development, based on divergence and later on convergence, to find that name, we are going to skip them. Anyway, the first stage that I am going to talk about is very similar, although it seeks another purpose.

Conceptualization and development of the idea

In this phase, we are going to set the objective of finding the ideal concept for the development of our logo. We will need paper and a pencil (or pen). Here we will write all the words that we can think of that have something to do, either with the name that the logo will have or with the activity of the company, brand, or person behind this commercial name.

Creation of the sketch

Once we are clear about the idea that will shape our work, we will start sketching. The sketch phase, like the previous one, is a divergence phase. Here you have to do a lot of testing; rapid tests that make us see, broadly speaking, the fusion of concept and image.


Having found an interesting variant, a good concept that represents the idea to its fullest and carefully sketched it out now is the time to digitize it. Either scanning the sketch, taking a photo with the mobile, or developing it by copying what we have done on paper.

Color variants

We already have the logo digitized. Now it will be very easy for us to do a few color tests. Perhaps, what we originally thought of as something red, we will see that it looks better in blue. We will see this by doing these color tests.

Development of applications

This phase is not exactly doing a style book. This phase is based on making the most basic applications of our logo. Format in grayscale, negative, on colored backgrounds, etc. As in the previous phase, certain applications will require specific shades that we will see as we develop.

Presentation of the work

Whether for ourselves and even more so if it's for a client, once the different applications of the logo are finished, a complete presentation must be created. I say again that I am not talking about a style guide. An orderly and beautiful presentation of what we have done will be more than enough.

Save in different formats

This last part will save us many wastes of time. Customers will constantly call us to ask for their logo in different formats: for a printing company, for screen printing, etc. If we create a folder and we include it inside: the AI, EPS, PDF, JPG, TIFF format, and if we have done it with Photoshop, a PSD, will be appreciated, without a doubt.

Use tools that facilitate the work

For all those who have less experience and need a little help, there are tools that make your work easier: you can create a logo with Spark, from Adobe. Here is the link for you to try it out and help you to start developing your logos.


When presenting a logo, I recommend showing only one, with its applications. We cannot offer anyone the best option when even we are not clear about it. The rest of the sketched ideas that you consider good, can be used for another job in which you have less time. Never throw away your sketches. Always keep everything.

With this, I come to the end of this article. Put these tips into practice and tell me how it goes.

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