10 good daily habits that will make you take action

10 good daily habits that will make you take action

One of my biggest frustrations, when I sold my courses in the past, was to see how many people bought them but did not finish them, therefore, they could not get the benefits that I was really selling them.

However, researching and looking for the formula to reduce this lack of action on the part of the students, I designed a new course format, the so-called actionable courses with which I have achieved my goal: What more students will reach the end! But best of all, that research allowed me to find good daily habits to take action

 And that's what I share with you in this article today!

Habits are actions that we perform repeatedly or consecutively on a daily, weekly, monthly basis... And although it may sound like a lie, the easiest to acquire are daily actions. Because you don't have to think about what day it is or have a calendar in front of you. you just have to keep in mind the idea that: today, I have to do it!

In addition, you must know that some experts, such as Maxwell Maltz and William James, affirm that our brain has the ability to transform as we want (brain plasticity) and that we need at least 21 days to achieve an established mental image that disappears to be replaced by another.

Or in other words: We can be who we want to be but we need a constant effort of at least 21 consecutive days to transform that vision of our brain and get it to start working in a new way. It is what many coaches call mental reprogramming.

Good habits VS Bad habits

The biggest disadvantage, we usually argue when we want to start a new good habit for our life is: We don't have time! However, on many occasions, the problem is not really the time but the lack of prioritization, or worse, bad habits that destroy our available time.

Therefore, the first exercise that I am going to ask you to do is the following:

Take a pencil and paper (or your mobile note app) and:

  • Think, what do you want to achieve? What is your mission in life? What about your short, medium, and long term goals? What are your priorities in life?
  • Make a list of actions that you perform daily (from the moment you get up until you go to bed )
  • Rate them based on the following questions (mark the bad ones in red and the good ones in green):
    • Will they help you to achieve the objectives that you have thought about in the first point?
    • Are they good for your health?
    • Are they good for your social relationships?

Once the exercise is done, it will be easier for you to find the balance based on the habits you carry out, if they are good/bad for you and your goals, and always without forgetting two very important areas of life: health and social relationships.

How to take action?

The million-dollar question is... how to take action? And here the key is that you find your true mission or reason for being, what in Japan they call the Ikigai, and manage to align what you want to be with what you want to do, feel and think. In this way, it will be much easier for you to take action because really every action you take will be aimed at what you want to achieve.

10 good daily habits that will make you take action

And now I will tell you the habits that really work for me to take action and stop procrastinating.

Don't wait. The time will never be just right.Napoleon Hill

Allow time for reflection to define my action plan

The easiest thing in life is to have ideas, but the important thing is to put them into practice! It's useless to let ourselves be guided by the thousands of ideas that occur to us if we do not implement an action plan, therefore, I have my own method to take action quickly and firmly.

First I write down the ideas, all the ones I can think of, but then I always look for a space to evaluate which are the best (I consult with my partners and team) and from there, when we see that one of those ideas is feasible, we immediately propose the steps to follow to put it into action. We add it to our daily tasks and… voila! In the time that we have estimated it will come to light.

Do sports every morning

When you start a business, it often happens that clients, projects, your company, and in general, all your work, ends up covering your 24 hours a day and you forget important things like your health and your body. However, nothing could be further from the truth. I assure you that dedicating 30 min or 1h of your morning to sports will be the best way to start your brain, oxygenate it and make it work more, better and faster.

Try it and tell me. And if your excuse is that the gym is too far or too expensive, look for alternatives: go for a run or ride a bike, do some weight training, yoga, Pilates, or aerobics at home. There are thousands of apps on your mobile where they teach you exercises for which the only thing you need is your body and desire, nothing more.

Eat healthy

Another good daily habits that will make you take action is taking care of your diet. And you do not need to spend a lot of money or learn to cook things that are too elaborate, there are thousands of formulas to take more fruits and vegetables and less sugar and processed foods. One important thing you should know is that processed foods are not only worse for your health but they are also the ones that make your purchase more expensive.

Start with a small habit, for example, substituting an unhealthy mid-morning snack for an apple, banana, or whatever fruit you like.

Delegate more and more every day

There comes a time when we don't have time for more but our business continues to grow, that's when we need to learn to ask for help. For this I give you two great tips:

  • Hire qualified people with whom you feel safe and reliable.
  • Appreciate the work of others and show empathy towards them.

And just as I refer to the professional issue, I also do it for the staff. Daily tasks that do not contribute to you like cleaning the house, it is a good idea to delegate them to really focus on your goals, your life, and your business.

Meditate and visualize the end result

Since meditation came into my life, it's much easier for me to concentrate, focus on what is important in life and motivate myself with the results that I visualize on each project, business, launch... If you have not tried it yet, I recommend you dedicate, even if only 10 min of the day to meditation. Some people find it better to meditate in the morning to face the day, and others at night to clear their mind of problems and sleep soundly. Find your moment, and go ahead!

Make to-do lists

I have lists for everything: Packing, shopping, work projects... And there is nothing that motivates me more than starting to cross off completed tasks. What's more, with my team we also do it. We have a shared Google Drive spreadsheet where we are all writing down our tasks and marking green (done), orange (in the process), and red (not done). On Fridays, I review everything my team has done and I have an overview of the progress and tasks proposed for the following week.

Then, on Mondays, we have a meeting where we thoroughly review everything and see possible adjustments of new tasks that can be assumed or tasks where we have been stuck to find a solution.

Write it all down

I get angry when I forget something, that's why… I write everything down! I always carry a notebook in my bag, and even when I carry a small bag I use the notes on my mobile to gather ideas. I have notebooks for projects and even when I go on vacation I look for a small notebook so that nothing escapes me.

Afterward, it's always necessary to know how to select the things that I really want to put into action, but I leave that for the second phase of reflection and consultation, knowing that at least the ideas are safe in my notebook and I don't have to waste time remembering.

Listen to music

Depending on the activity that I am going to develop, I listen to different music. I have thousands of lists, and although there are people who say it distracts them, the truth is that I think it's probably because they have not found the right music.

For example, if you want to write fast, look for music without lyrics but with a good rhythm, for example, instrumentals, soundtracks...

Focus on your daily goals

Every day, while turning on the computer or on your way to the office, or having breakfast, I recommend making your daily goals and tasks clear. If you are not clear about this, it will be difficult for you to achieve it. In addition, you must know how to measure your dedication times and tasks well to avoid frustration. It's normal that some days some tasks remain pending completion because problems have arisen, but if that happens to you continuously you will get frustrated.

Although that does not mean that you should avoid overloading your schedule too much, because the truth is that the less we have to do ... the less we do! Find your own balance and set a realistic, possible, but at the same time, ambitious agenda.

Reward yourself

One of the things that work best for me is rewarding myself for a job well done, what psychologists and educators call positive reinforcement. And that does not only consist of buying a gift every time you achieve a goal, you can look for rewards that are not so materialistic, such as take a well-deserved vacation!

Also, this type of reinforcement is important to be used without something else that happens even more often, which is negative reinforcement every time something goes wrong. You should take every missed goal as an opportunity to learn and do better next time, not as a form of punishment for yourself and your self-esteem.

I hope this article helps you stop procrastinating and take action now. And if you see that you still cannot find the click that makes you take action, I recommend that you go to a coach so that they can help you personally with your specific case. After all, each person has a different world.

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