Give Yourself Permission

Give Yourself Permission

Permit yourself to do nothing on any given Tuesday when a creative block prevents you from moving forward.

Permit yourself to say goodbye to a customer who is sucking your blood.

Permit yourself to NOT get up early if you don't want to. You can meet your goals for the day just as well.

Permit yourself to work fewer hours. Not to work on weekends. Or Monday mornings, or Friday afternoons, etc, etc.

Permit yourself to collect what you want and believe that it corresponds to what your work is worth, even if it seems wrong to others.

Permit yourself not to work for family or friends if you don't have the time (or the desire).

Permit yourself to defend your values and principles even if they are unpopular or not everyone likes them.

Permit yourself to plan the quarter and plan it if necessary.

Permit yourself to say no to a collaboration in which only the other party benefits ( in exchange for supposed visibility).

Give yourself permission to have a shitty day and blow off some steam.

Permit yourself to not be productive 24/7.

permit yourself to be yourself, dress as you please, and speak your way even if you don't seem professional to others.

Permit yourself not to try to please everyone (except yourself).

Permit yourself to defend yourself if someone tries to taint your name. That "they speak good or bad of you, but that they speak" does not justify everything.

Permit yourself to not be that super positive person constantly in the face of all the difficulties in life. We are lights and shadows, the rest is artificial.

Permit yourself not to post on social media every day.

permit yourself to NOT offer all the creative services in the world: from logos, web design, motion design, photography, programming, or anything else they ask of you. You don't have to know how to do everything.

Give yourself permission to enjoy your work and also get paid well for it.

Permit yourself to not be perfect.

Give yourself permission to dream and think big (even if others want to transfer their own fears to you).

Permit yourself to follow your own path and not the one that others impose on you.

Permit yourself to rest, have vacations, and socialize.

Permit yourself to reinvent yourself even if it's not the profession you studied.

Permit yourself to be unavailable to the urgencies of others.

Give yourself permission to give longer deadlines and not live suffocated with deadlines.

Permit yourself to not be a superhero entrepreneur who can handle anything.

Permit yourself not to become your most demanding customer.

Give yourself permission to travel and satisfy yourself.

Give yourself permission to drop everything and start on your own.

Permit yourself to be afraid when a change is coming in your business or your life. The changes are dizzying.

Permit yourself not to make sacrifices that harm your personal life just to get to the desired "success" sooner.

Permit yourself to feel insecure about your job. That is what keeps you learning and improving.

Permit yourself to choose who and for whom you work.

Permit yourself to be free and decide what you do in your business and your life at all times. That's why you chose to undertake. Not?

At what point do you feel most identified?

Is there something you do not give permission and I have not mentioned?

I would like you to share this with me and other readers.

Tell us in the comments below, sure this will helps us a lot.

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