Best Ideas to Improve your Font Design

Best Ideas to Improve your Font Design

The typography of any visual identity, logo, or design forms the message to be communicated and proposes a set of values that a brand wants (or not) to transmit. If you are a creator or designer, you will know that choosing one typeface or another is quite an adventure. When it comes to creating it from scratch, it is even more so.

In recent weeks we have seen that one of the most frequent reflections is that many brands use fonts not related to their composition, either because they make reading difficult because they follow mass trends because they do not conform to the content...

Here are some ideas that can help you:

Create your own font library

If you haven't already, we recommend you to start building your own font library. This is something basic, but you would be surprised by the number of professionals who still do not have a good consolidated collection. Using tags that help you organize it by styles, keywords, or values to transmit will make your search much more agile. Here is The Complete Manual of Typography by James Felici that can help you and, in addition, it is key to have a global vision about the use of the different types.

If you are looking to expand your collection, you are in luck. The Atipo design studio is 10 years old and to celebrate it has prepared a pack of 20 fonts for $20. From here, we congratulate you to add them to your list. A very good opportunity to get them at a special price that seems like Black Friday. Not ;)

Get inspired by what works

Now that you have a typeset to work with comfortably, it's time to get inspired. We warn you: just because a brand is a leader does not mean that it always makes good choices in its typography. Therefore, look at the maximum possible references in products or related services of the sector in which you are working.

None convinces you? Create your own

To find the best way to do it, a few days ago we asked designers and typography experts for recommendations. We wanted to know which was the best value for money graphics tablet. Wacom was recommended to us by most, especially the Wacom Intuos Pro. Do you agree?

Sometimes we have a very definite idea of what a typeface should look like. In these cases, check that it matches correctly with the message, values, and personality of the brand in question and get to work.

Be careful with kerning

We could say that each font has its own language. And each language needs a series of rules that we call hierarchy, leading, kerning, and spacing. Don't forget them when you consider which font to choose. It sounds obvious, but leading brands like Kia have had complications with their new proposals by prioritizing styling over functionality. Here we leave you with Kerntype, a game about type separation, when you feel saturated; it’s easy, fun, and useful.

Get ready for 2021 with these typography trends

The year has been very long for us. A lot has happened. We have teleworked. Survived a pandemic. But we have also learned a lot. One of our favorite discoveries has been Raban Ruddigkeit and Lars Harmsen's typographic calendar. It is an annual calendar, super visual, and with unique fonts for each day of the week. We have found it a very interesting and flexible choice for these uncertain times that 2021 brings us.

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