6 Creative Ideas for your Advertising Campaigns

6 Creative Ideas for your Advertising Campaigns

Through different communication strategies, companies carry out their advertising campaigns to spread their brand, values, or products. The main objective is to make yourself known and position yourself in the minds of potential consumers, to finally achieve increased sales. Today I want to motivate you and that is why I will share with you here a series of creative ideas for your advertising campaigns.

In order to distinguish yourself from the rest, your message has to be creative, precise, and innovative. Your strategy must have a story with which people identify and for this, before creating it, you must know well the interests of your audience.

Remember that through your advertising campaigns you must show empathy. Try to connect emotionally with the people who see the ads to show your brand more human and not just commercial.

Is it difficult for you to invent new communication proposals? Don't worry! Here are some creative ideas for your advertising campaigns, it only remains for you to give them your style and execute them.

1- Challenges for your advertising campaigns

One idea for your potential clients to get involved in your activities is to create challenges as promotional strategies. I give you an example: through Triumphagram we launched the "#TRPH Challenge" where users would put their Instagram account to the test to improve their management and learn new things about this social network. Best of all, it was free. That way we promote our account and the number of resources it has within.

2 - Create custom filters for your advertising campaigns

If you follow me for a long time, you will know that Instagram is my favorite social network, because it is a complete tool and allows you to maximize your brand or business. The platform has a lot of amazing features, but the one currently in trend is filters.

These dynamic and interactive masks are one of the best options for your advertising campaigns on this social network. It has the advantage that the customer can have fun using them and your brand gains more visibility as others try them.

I give you an example, one of my clients for the launch of the "Challenge 10 days without sugar" created this filter to promote his healthy eating campaign.

3 - Allow others to experience what you offer

The faster the customer connects with your brand, the faster sales will skyrocket. Believe it or not, feelings and experiences sell, so always try to get your customers to engage in your campaigns creatively.

The television network of "TNT" hid cameras to record the reaction of customers to make them live the experience of "their nights of action." It's an amazing idea, what do you think?

4 - Design games to promote your brand

I'm not talking about investing millions in a video game, I'm talking about designing something simple that will attract the attention of your customers and make them interact with your business. Enrich your content and make it more fun for your users with these creative ideas for your advertising campaigns.

For example, on the Instagram account of my academy Convert More we created an interactive game to promote our brand in which the followers had to complete the logo and the audience reaction was very positive.

5 - “Flashmobs” economic and animated option

If you have a small budget and your brand or product lends itself to promoting them in this way, I recommend doing “Flashmobs”. It is an unusual performance or dance that happens without the environment expecting it.

For this ad campaign to work, you need to produce it in front of a large crowd and you also need to make sure you capture the moment and the reactions of others so that you can share it.

It seems very easy to carry out but you must be very creative and plan in order so that everything is accurate.

6 - Humor sells

It's one of the best formulas for your advertising campaigns. It is proven that it has a positive impact on all consumers, as long as it does not damage the image of the brand and does not hurt anyone's sensibilities.

Bringing out smiles with funny messages will make your campaigns always be remembered by each of the people who look at it. For example, in 2010 the men's brand "Old Spice" stood out in advertising thanks to an ad that broke the norm with comedy. Today it has more than 57,000,000 views on YouTube and despite the old age, people continue to comment on it.

At Convert More we use this type of strategy to launch a pack of ebooks with which our audience can sell more and boost their business or brand, through a funny story about a castaway.

What type of advertising campaign can you use in your business?

It all depends on the idea or message you want to convey to your customers and the tools you have to make it happen.

When you have defined your objective, you will know what strategy and approach to give to your advertising.

  • Mystery campaigns: used to create curiosity in customers with messages full of intrigue and suspense, without fully showing the product or service. They tend to generate a lot of expectation and attention.
  • Launch campaigns: they serve to publicize a new product, informing about all its benefits and characteristics.
  • Maintenance campaigns: they are used to remind the user of the importance of your brand. They work to enhance the presence of your brand in the market.
  • Reactivation campaigns: through this type of campaign, you promote or improve a moment of crisis in your business, such as a drop in sales.
  • Relaunch campaigns: you can use it to show a change in your brand or to refresh the values and concepts of your business.
  • Strong sales campaigns: it is a more persuasive campaign that seeks to boost sales in the short term.

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