5 tips every creative freelancer should know to attract more clients

5 tips every creative freelancer should know to attract more clients

Offering your services autonomously can be a challenge knowing that there are probably thousands of people who offer the same services. The stability of an independent worker, or freelancer depends on the number of clients they have, which is why it's extremely important to know how to attract them and keep them satisfied.

If you have decided to work independently you are probably wondering where to start and above all, how to get your first clients. That is why we will share with you the best tips you need to know if you want to attract more clients as a freelancer, whatever your work area.

Customers don't come alone

If you want to build a productive network of clients who purchase your services, you must go beyond promoting yourself to your friends and family. The best thing is to define what type of audience you want to reach, that is, your market segment. In this way, you will be able to identify with what type of clients and in which contexts you have better results.

You know that when starting your activities as a freelancer, all types of clients represent an income opportunity. However, it's not smart to accept any project just to add one more client. If it does not belong to your target market, the results may not be satisfying and the client will not recommend your work.

Your presence in the digital world matters

As a freelancer, you have the ability to offer your services without limiting yourself to an office. It is time to increase your reach beyond your close surroundings. Otherwise, the frequency with which you complete a project will be limited and could make your work unprofitable in the long term.

Start building your social brand through the digital world. A good start is to create a website that stands out thinking about your target, create your profile on social networks through which your audience can learn about your work, and connect with you. Besides, to generate trust you must position yourself as an expert in your area so creating a blog is vital to add value to the user.

Consider creating content on topics such as:

  • Solutions to most common problems.
  • Recommendations
  • Guides
  • Personalized advice.
  • Webinars that allow you to teach other people with the knowledge and experience you have in your area.

Also, you must identify in which social network it is more convenient to create a profile to publicize your services. The most important thing about this is to be able to offer useful content to the user so you inspire more confidence and end up choosing you over other options.

Don't neglect your current customers 

The most effective advertising is the one that makes one customer to another in a natural way. This is achieved when you are truly satisfied with what you offer. For this reason, it's important to not neglect your relationship with clients, as they can become ambassadors for your brand or business.

As a freelancer, many of your projects with clients will be temporary, which means that by the end of the year you will have worked with dozens of clients. You may not know it but this gives you very important information to attract more customers and improve your services.

Whether they have been good or bad experiences, the fact of recording the characteristics of each client, duration of work, and observations will allow you to build a very useful database for your job.

What to do with so much information?

With a CRM tool, you can enter all these relevant data about each customer, as well as prepare analyzes and reports. This will allow you to identify the customer profile that is most interested in what you offer, the strategies that have worked for you and those that have not.

You will be able to know which sections of your page convert the most or where your users have registered. Also, you can keep track of users who have not yet been converted. In this way, you can send personalized offers adapted to your needs and improve your prospecting process.

Stay close to your community

Your colleagues may be your competition but not your enemies. You must evaluate the strategies used by the leaders in your sector, as they will give you a guide to what works and generates positive results.

Joining LinkedIn or Facebook groups that are related to your area is a great way to surround yourself with professionals and learn more about the market, opportunities, and the rates they use. Plus, many people and even companies go to this social network to find freelancers that fit their needs.

In addition to the virtual environment, do not forget to attend events and conferences that take place in your locality and are related to your area. It's a great way to network and start giving yourself visibility within the guild.

Standardize your services

At this point, you can also refer to what other freelancers in the same area are doing and improve it to differentiate yourself from the rest. Working in a standard way, through packages, or setting a price per hour is very efficient. However, try to categorize each type of project that may arise and adjust it to each client.

Not all clients will have the same requirements for all projects. Before turning down an opportunity because it was something new or was not in your service package, ask yourself if you can adapt to the client's requirements. Maybe you can create a personalized budget and add a different service to your portfolio.

In these cases where you venture to accept new projects, it is also a good idea to offer free samples of your service on time to start your portfolio either through ”barter" or by choosing 1 or 2 projects that you like to work on their brands and use it as study cases.

It is an excellent opportunity to make yourself known, gain experience and if everything turns out well, you will also get recommendations from your new client.


Without a doubt, like any company that provides a service, being a freelancer you must focus your efforts on satisfying your current customers and attracting new ones. Of course, nowadays this task is much more effective and practical if you familiarize yourself with digital platforms that can further enhance your work.

We talk about social media platforms, CRM tools, websites, etc. All these new alternatives allow you to expand the scope of your message and your proposals, keeping you close to your audience without limiting yourself to an office. Of course, entering this field involves work, investment, and dedication, but the results will not wait.

Do you agree that digital presence is key to attracting new customers? Tell us what other strategies have worked for you as a freelancer!

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