4 Resources to Improve your Naming Projects

4 Resources to Improve your Naming Projects

Your brand name is the first impression you make on the world. A way to summarize your identity in a few letters or a concept. With the saturation of online data, it's increasingly difficult to find original namings that can be registered or are differential.

Therefore, we have not been surprised that in recent months we have received so many doubts and questions about how to improve naming projects. Here we leave you 5 interesting tools for designers, strategists, or professionals related to the sector.

Get inspired by the origin of leading brands

To improve your naming projects there is nothing better than to be inspired by those brands that have managed to lead the market. The process they have followed to create their brand name can help you generate yours. Also to understand how a good naming is raised and what type of resources they have used. Maybe this post can help you to get started right.

What kind of concept should you promote?

Any naming project has a concept that is used to create the brand identity and its storytelling. Without it, the name loses its memorability and meaning. Nike is victory. Coca-Cola, happiness. Onym tells it from an easy, intuitive perspective, and with a newsletter full of ideas and tools. A compilation made by two professionals Greg and Willem that will be especially useful when starting your naming project. Learn more about the world of Onym naming.

How to find ideas related to your naming?

To boost your storytelling you need ideas. Ideas that enhance your meanings. Ideas that serve as the root to create your naming project. Ideas to combine words and get a unique brand name.

Here is a post precisely for that and much more, a very useful article, that can help both to inspire you and to get down to work.

What type of naming is best for your brand?

There are things that tools cannot give us. One, the experience. Another, the advice of the best experts. This book by Brad Flowers brings together all those ingredients and many more to make your naming project one of the new leading brands of the future.

Besides, it reveals creation processes that are followed by real companies from around the world, a very useful book to improve your technique.

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