How to be more creative

How to be more creative

Don't you see yourself as incapable to be more creative?

It seems, today everything is invented and, when you think about something new, applications or even people who have already created it quickly come to mind.

But how is it possible to do something that does not exist yet?
How can you come up with new ideas?

Many people, because of their work or because they want to innovate, need to develop creative ideas. But, they find themselves face with a mental block that does not allow them to carry out such activity.

Many times this blockage is due to a lack of concentration and you need to do tasks that help develop creativity.

In this post, I share with you some tips that help you to increase your creativity.

7 Easy Tips to Increase your Creativity

How to be more creative

1- Copying is not something negative

All the great geniuses have started their theories based on existing ones that have subsequently been nuanced and improved, helping them creating a completely new and revolutionary idea.

Good artists copy; great artists steal - Pablo Picasso

Imitating other people is not bad, quite the opposite! It will help you find your true purposes when reading or emulating those who have already created something on the subject that interests you.

2- Working with talented people

Working with people who are more talented than you will not only humble you by acknowledging this fact, but it will also enrich you.

Hearing about their work and sharing your ideas with them will create feedback that will be truly beneficial for you.

You will expand your knowledge and experience super-enriching moments!

3- Creativity isn't only a Mind Stat

Creativity does not only start from the mind therefore you have to carry out other complementary activities that help and inspire you, such as walking, watching movies related to the subject you study, making color schemes on large blackboards to order the concepts… Don't stay at home waiting for inspiration to come from infused science, the options are varied and available to anyone.

4 - Think Outside the Box

Think outside the Box

Do not waste excessive time on what is already created or established and focus on the needs that exist. The computer can be an ally to search for very valuable information, but it can also limit you.

Get out of your usual workspace or comfort zone to find places that generate new sensations in you and allow your thoughts to fly to new and valuable ideas.

5 - Think independently

Fashions are very good for the world of fashion or decoration, but in terms of thought, there is nothing written. Do not rely on what is wearing or what everyone is talking about at the moment. Propose topics that interest you and inquire into them.

6 - Leave Enough Space in your Brain

It is true that routine activities and, in a sense, are boring. Leave enough space in your brain so that you can focus on other more original practices.

But you do not need to fill your time with tedious tasks. We recommend doing small jobs that allow the development of creativity on a daily basis, such as writing or drawing.

7 – Simplicity is the Best

Simplicity is the trademark of genius - Robin Sharma

The key to success is to simplify your ideas so that they are more understandable and, in this way, allow you to focus on the object of study 100%.

Do you need some extra help?

Another way to easily achieve the long-awaited creativity in our day-to-day work is to abandon preconceptions and let the imagination fly towards creative thoughts, even if this means defending crazy or impossible ideas.

In other words, it basically consists of making decisions that most people would not make. In order to get closer to this way of understanding life, divergent thinking (so fashionable today thanks to the famous Divergent movie) must be promoted.

As the decisions made under the influence of creative thinking are not, a priori, the most logical, original, and creative ideas are reached almost unintentionally, breaking the mold and going beyond stereotypes and what is socially acceptable. And although lateral thinking is more associated with the arts and leisure, it is the task of each one to practice it and take it to the personal terrain to achieve great improvements.

One of the strengths to achieve greater creativity is improving concentration. Your mind must be well focused on what you want and you shouldn't have any kind of distraction that diverts your thoughts to trivial matters.

Exercises to enhance Creativity

There are some exercises that are very simple to perform to achieve greater concentration and thus help us to make ideas flow faster and easier.

  1. Rest enough hours, this way you achieve a cerebral and cognitive recovery necessary for a good state of alertness.
  2. It may seem strange, but numerous studies confirm that chewing gum helps us to improve concentration, as it reminds us of information in the short term. In addition, to improving your visual and auditory memory, so when in doubt, CHEW GUM!
  3. You must use more paper and pencil since these elements help us to jot down ideas that come to us suddenly and that if we have to wait for the computer to turn on ... we have already forgotten them. Also, when writing by hand, our brain makes a much greater effort to concentrate, and this increases the quality of our ideas.
  4. Of course, avoiding distractions and stress is essential to be able to concentrate correctly and for longer. To throw out these two issues from your life, it's highly recommended to learn to meditate.

But how can we get started in meditation?

Creativity and Meditation, always hand in hand!


The first thing you have to do is put on comfortable clothes, preferably wide ones, and free yourself from accessories such as watches or earrings.

Next, you must look for a quiet place, where there are no constant interruptions, which can be a room or natural places such as the beach or the mountains.

Having secured the previous points, it would be necessary to sit correctly. The best posture is on the floor, with your back straight, keeping your arms and shoulders relaxed, and breathing deeply.

To achieve good concentration it is necessary that at first, you think of an object while keeping your eyes closed. Although there are people who focus more easily on a sound, so the music will facilitate the task.

The ideas that arise during the meditation will be accepted in order to move on.

It is healthy to gradually introduce meditation into our routine, as it will help us to better focus on our goals.

Creativity goes hand in hand with meditation and improved concentration. These exercises will make it easier for bright ideas to come into your life!

In conclusion, working our mind will allow us to enhance skills such as concentration, and this is what the Create Health method is about.

But, besides, it also works on other methodologies that lead us to adopt a healthier life, learning to nourish ourselves properly, and leading an active life.

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