Best Design apps for non-designers

Best Design apps for non-designers

Let's get to work, no more excuses for not creating content!

Today, I will share with you in this post the most current design applications so that you can start filling your social networks.

Oh and I tell you a secret! You don't need to be a designer. 🤫

And you ask yourself: I don't need designers on my team?

Sure, but there are many people who are starting and the budget is not enough, but they want to start in networks. Or if an emergency may occur in your business and you should be the one to play the role of the designer because your designer got sick.

Either by any circumstance, I consider that we must all have certain design knowledge, at least the basic ones; First, because you can learn a little about everything and second so that you can give a hand.

Best design applications


This app is our star. In fact, despite the fact that I have several designers on my team, this tool helps to streamline the fixed jobs we have on a daily basis. And even many of the team members who are not designers, use it for certain content.

The reason?

It is very easy to handle and above all, ultra complete. It has everything you need at your fingertips.


It is quite a fun application. Pay close attention to the topic of beauty and have a lot of super creative tools. It has very cool filters, templates with effects, and a photo editor. It also works as a kind of social network to share the content you create through it. The option to "Edit" is also available, where you will have even video templates, where you only have to place your recording or your photographs to make entertaining content.


This application is also very fun and simple. It has a photo editor with excellent filters for photos and effects. You can cut out, draw or erase what you want from your designs, it has many stickers, photo frames, and emojis for you to add to your edition.

Do you dare to use it?

Everything is a matter of practice and a lot of creativity. The only thing you should consider is that this app is paid.

A Design Kit

This tool only works on iOS systems, it is also a design app that anyone can use easily. It has many stickers, fonts, and brushes to make your content something very good.


This is an app designed to create content on Instagram and like the previous one, it is only available for devices with an iOS system.

It has a lot of variety of templates to create carousels and sequence of stories in this social network.


From the name, we would believe that it is to create Instagram posts, but you can also design for Youtube, Facebook, TikTok, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.

InShot works as a photo editor like the others, but this application is a star in editing videos like a professional. Add transitions, music, extract audio, move it around, add sound effects, and much more to your recordings with this simple but great app.

Adobe Lightroom

This name sure scares you if you are not a designer, but there is nothing to worry about.

This is a free application to edit photos and make them look amazing. It has simple tools to retouch your images and transform them without going through a long professional editing process.


It is also an excellent option to edit photos and videos, it has creative tools to transform your videos from your mobile and it also gives you techniques and tricks to perfect your content.


It is an app designed for TikTok fans, and now perhaps for Reels as well. Through this application you can edit videos; you can cut, invert, adjust speed, apply advanced filters, add music and stickers.

Tell me, are you already into this type of short video format? 😉


Over is full of templates with different styles, fonts, filters, effects, and wonderful graphics that will make your designs a work of art.

What do you need to use any of these applications?

A mobile phone and willingness to learn to design fun things that hook your audience on whatever social network.

I do not want excuses! For a 2021 full of more creativity 💪🏻.

Do you know any other design applications? Let me know in the comments.

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