Audio and video will dominate the trends of 2021

Audio and video will dominate the trends of 2021

Audio and video will continue to dominate among audience interests by 2021, so if you still only share images in your profiles, put the batteries, because consumers are no longer hooked so much there.

From experience with audio and video

It is not that I have stopped publishing images, photographs, or infographics, no. I have alternated the content and now I implement the video a lot.


Because by analyzing the metrics of my social networks and investigating what happened to other marketing colleagues, I found (and not only I say it, many professionals agree with me) that the audience is more engaged with this type of format.

Current advantages of video that will continue to be useful in 2021

  • Generates much more interaction by users than any other content.
  • Improve the profitability of your website.
  • Makes it easier to connect with the audience that visualizes it thanks to how dynamic and impressive they can be if you know how to work well.
  • With videos you allow people to feel comfortable and save time, through it you can communicate much more in less time than, unlike a long text.
  • You can make a video of anything: education, information, commercial, social, fun, etc.
  • You gain more trust and credibility, either with organic or Ads video. People trust more knowing that there is a real person behind each brand or business.
  • If you do it right, you can go viral!

I have talked about the video on many occasions, it's that this strategy has really phenomenally worked for me and I want it to go the same way for you.

Just as I have spoken wonders of the video, I want to tell you about how successful the podcast is also. Many thought that this format was going to dominate a very short time and see that it has shown us the opposite. If you start to analyze the way the world is developing today, we are all going a thousand an hour.

In my case, I feel that the podcast is the format in which I can do several things at the same time and learn at the same time.

For example, I am fascinated by training and while I'm exercising or hitting the treadmill, I have headphones on listening to a podcast. It is wonderful to train my body and my brain at the same time!

Or it also happens that I have to be jumping from one place to another for meetings or family commitments and in the car, I can go learning about finances with audio.

Current advantages of audio that will continue to be useful in 2021

  • The content in audio format allows you to optimize the time whether you are a listener or you are the one who creates them.
  • You keep your brain busy with all the information that you are processing because everything that the person on the other side says is recreated.
  • Most of them are easily accessible and free.
  • You don't have a set schedule, because you can go and listen to it when you can.

Still, hesitating to implement audio and video in your content? Tell me in the comments below.

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