CSS and JavaScript 7 web animation libraries to discover

CSS and JavaScript 7 web animation libraries to discover

Web animation libraries are real gold mines for web designers and developers who want to create dynamic and modern interfaces while offering a unique user experience.

You can find many code generators and custom tools that help you with the animation if you just look around, and you can also find free libraries that will save your time in the coding process.

There are many possibilities on the internet with CSS and JavaScript animations here is a list of libraries that offer a wide variety of effects and styles.

1 - Animate.css

Animate.css is a classic of CSS animation libraries that allows you to easily implement a wide variety of animations to give dynamism to all types of elements, especially text.

2 - Magic Animations CSS3

Magic Animations offers effects performed and experienced with resolutely modern animations that can add a real benefit to some of your projects with multidirectional or prospective steps.

3 - AniJS

The AniJS library is ideal for developers and web designers who want to create dynamic web interfaces, allowing you to easily animate a menu, tabs, or even an accordion.

4 - Anime.js

Anime.js helps you to animate just about anything HTML, JS, CSS, SVG... and add a multitude of elements logo, text, etc. with fluid and elegant effects and movements.

5 - WickedCSS

WickedCSS offers you about twentieth simple animations, which are nevertheless very successful in attracting the eye and bringing movement to a web page.

6 - Slick

Slick is an animation library that mainly allows you to create carousels and slideshows that you can adjust the size of the various elements to your needs also the automatic or manual scrolling and lazy loading ...

7 - Vivus.js

Vivus.js focuses on SVG animation. If you want to make an element appear in front of the user as if it were drawn in real-time, this little tool is just what you need.

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