Discover 5 websites with original navigation and concept

Discover 5 websites with original navigation and concept

It is time to take a tour on the web and enjoy web design creations. We have chosen for you a series of 5 websites that are worth visiting and browsing for the splendor of its design and the simplicity of the user interface. A beautiful collection that allows you to see the web riches, so lets start.

1- Beauregard


We start this selection with a very elegant Beauregard brand website that allows us to discover a unique creation with its Dahlia collection. The site's design is like the creations highlighted with a contemporary style and excellent finesse. Explore their world at

2- In Focus


We're going to Japan with the innovative In Focus studio which presents a successful and creative portfolio to us. At the entrance of the site, there is a little interaction, followed by a fascinating presentation of the project with a slide that operates by scroll. The visual effects and the design give the site an elegance find out on

3- Snoopdogs


We're finishing with a little online game by DogStudio that will remind you of your childhood with "where is Charlie" The idea is simple you will have a limited time to find a specific dog on the screen. The game-play and the game universe are successful, it's up to you to play

4- Everest


We are continuing our article with the Everest agency that uses an original slider system to display their projects. The interaction takes place with the mouse while maintaining the click to start the circular movement. The result offers a successful animation that allows a fascinating user experience. Check out their website at

5- Coding is fun!


We're back in 2018 with a nice website we missed, and discover Coding is fun! At the end of 2018, Equinor Morgenendagens Helter organized coding events for this occasion they launched a website that allows you to explore the code through an interactive and fun game, You can even reach your own levels. Test the game on

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