Alexandra Zutto the creator of the colorful magical universe

Alexandra Zutto the creator of the colorful magical universe

Alexandra Zutto is a 27 years old freelance artist who has been working as an illustrator and designer since 2009. based in Miass, a small town in the middle of Russia.

She likes to inserts a large number of small details into each of his works uses vibrant contrasting colors and fluid shapes that she likes to bring to life by animating them. Her sleek vector-based design and graphic style are particularly interesting.

The universe of Alexandra Zutto consists of characters and creatures with a cute look sinister and sweet, many colors, and also good compositional flexibility making her work particularly appropriate for T-shirts and other garments as you can see on her Tumblr, You can also discover other creations on his Behance and his Dribbble.

His special and unique style makes many of her masterpieces published in the most popular art magazines and communities.






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