10 Best free responsive Blogger templates


For more than sixteen years, Google Blogger platform has been the ideal for many bloggers, it is probably the oldest blogging platform still active on the net, and still maintains a stable market share among the content management platforms.
Of all the established websites running a content management system, Blogger is employed by 1.9% of those websites, which seem to be used on 0.9% of all websites.
Some persist with Blogger because it's a Google product, and expect high safety standards and quality. Some enjoy the ease of using the Blogger dashboard to quickly and painlessly get content out.
Blogging was one of the most influential subjects of the last decade. Small and large entrepreneurs have long come to accept that blogging is a great medium for traffic growth, extra profits, free publicity and simply for building a community around content posting. Blogging's advantages easily outweigh the disadvantages of having to set one up and keeping it. From simple rewards like an increase in visibility of the search engine and branding opportunities to factors like authority and rising conversion rate, blogging has always something to offer us.
Google Blogger makes it pretty easy to customize your blog the way you would like it to appear, you just need to learn a little bit of HTML and CSS to begin, and besides that, anyone can make their own unique Blogger templates which they can share with their friends and the community.
Trying to find great templates can sometimes be a bit of a pain, not that there is no availability, but just the opposite there are so many wonderful styles and templates that you could choose from, the process of picking the right one might feel extremely huge.
that's why we decided to attempt to solve the case of searching the perfect template by creating a list of the best free Blogger templates that have been developed and updated with the best functionality, widgets, and code norms.

1 – Aeon Blogger Template

Aeon Blogger Template is a creative and ultra-elegant blogger theme with widgets and customizable settings. This amazing free theme is totally configurable and fully responsive, it adjusts its width according to the size of the screen and the type of device of the user. This template offers us a friendly interface and features a fantastic personal blog template. This blogger template is masterfully crafted with a perfectly balanced design, making it an ideal blogger template for nearly all blogging types.

Aeon Blogger Template
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2 – Beautiful Blogger Template

Beautiful is a free template for fashion, lifestyle, and personal blog design, customized to your desires and market expectations. This theme offers plenty of opportunities to help you create a beautiful and unique website easily. It comes with different types of pages, diverse and packed designs, endless color schemes, huge amounts of fonts, icons, and more.

Beautiful Blogger Template
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3 – Antsasia

Antsasia is a free premium responsive Blogger template customized for all. It supports a large variety of niches, including personal blogs, travel, food and recipes, fashion, entertainment, and much more. it's designed to be easy to use, safe and responsive, With lots of functionality to help you get a wonderful blog without any technical knowledge.

Antsasia Template
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4 – Sora One

Sora One is an elegant and carefully designed Blogger template. The theme was developed with the "mobile-first", which means it was designed from the outset for the mobile and was then optimized for other larger screen devices.

Sora One
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5 – Remito

Remito is a Blogger template built on a simple, lightweight responsive grid system, that lets you create a blog or website and control your content.

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6 – Freelancer Blogger Theme

The Freelancer Blogger template is perfect for freelancers who want to professionally exhibit their portfolio. This theme is the ideal solution for bloggers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs to present their profiles to the public.

Freelancer Blogger Theme
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7 – Monal

Monal is a simple, flat, responsive and free Blogger template that is specially designed for photographers, authors, travelers, web designers, creative agencies and freelancers in general. This elegant, modern design is based on excellent typography, amazing images and vibrant colors.

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8 – Smart Blog

Smart Blog is a free, clean and bold design Blogger template for any personal blog. The fashionable design is accompanied by a mix of simple charm. You go right to the heart when presenting your content elegantly and minimally with Smart Blog.

Smart Blog
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9 – Gridz

Gridz is a creative, flexible, and free Blogger template that brings masonry design based on a grid system. It is quite code-light, making it fast to load, and has a pleasant minimalist look which is ideal for blog or magazine. Best choice for your fashion blog, photography blog, artistic blog or any kind of creative blog or magazine. It has a responsive design that ensures your content will be perfectly displayed on all mobile devices.

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10 – Techism

Inspired by Mashable and TheNextWeb.com, Techism is a responsive, simple and elegant template created for bloggers wanting to run a profitable blog of technology, multimedia or news portals.

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CSS and JavaScript 7 web animation libraries to discover


Web animation libraries are real gold mines for web designers and developers who want to create dynamic and modern interfaces while offering a unique user experience.
You can find many code generators and custom tools that help you with the animation if you just look around, and you can also find free libraries that will save your time in the coding process.
There are many possibilities on the internet with CSS and JavaScript animations here is a list of libraries that offer a wide variety of effects and styles.

1 - Animate.css

Animate.css is a classic of CSS animation libraries that allows you to easily implement a wide variety of animations to give dynamism to all types of elements, especially text.

2 - Magic Animations CSS3

Magic Animations offers effects performed and experienced with resolutely modern animations that can add a real benefit to some of your projects with multidirectional or prospective steps.

3 - AniJS

The AniJS library is ideal for developers and web designers who want to create dynamic web interfaces, allowing you to easily animate a menu, tabs, or even an accordion.

4 - Anime.js

Anime.js helps you to animate just about anything HTML, JS, CSS, SVG... and add a multitude of elements logo, text, etc. with fluid and elegant effects and movements.

5 - WickedCSS

WickedCSS offers you about twentieth simple animations, which are nevertheless very successful in attracting the eye and bringing movement to a web page.

6 - Slick

Slick is an animation library that mainly allows you to create carousels and slideshows that you can adjust the size of the various elements to your needs also the automatic or manual scrolling and lazy loading ...

7 - Vivus.js

Vivus.js focuses on SVG animation. If you want to make an element appear in front of the user as if it were drawn in real-time, this little tool is just what you need.

Discover 5 websites with original navigation and concept


It is time to take a tour on the web and enjoy web design creations. We have chosen for you a series of 5 websites that are worth visiting and browsing for the splendor of its design and the simplicity of the user interface. A beautiful collection that allows you to see the web riches, so lets start.

1- Beauregard

We start this selection with a very elegant Beauregard brand website that allows us to discover a unique creation with its Dahlia collection. The site's design is like the creations highlighted with a contemporary style and excellent finesse. Explore their world at www.beauregard.ch

2- In Focus

We're going to Japan with the innovative In Focus studio which presents a successful and creative portfolio to us. At the entrance of the site, there is a little interaction, followed by a fascinating presentation of the project with a slide that operates by scroll. The visual effects and the design give the site an elegance find out on www.in-focus.co.jp

3- Snoopdogs

We're finishing with a little online game by DogStudio that will remind you of your childhood with "where is Charlie" The idea is simple you will have a limited time to find a specific dog on the screen. The game-play and the game universe are successful, it's up to you to play onsnoopdogs.dogstudio.co

4- Everest

We are continuing our article with the Everest agency that uses an original slider system to display their projects. The interaction takes place with the mouse while maintaining the click to start the circular movement. The result offers a successful animation that allows a fascinating user experience. Check out their website at www.everest.agency

5- Coding is fun!

We're back in 2018 with a nice website we missed, and discover Coding is fun!
At the end of 2018, Equinor Morgenendagens Helter organized coding events for this occasion they launched a website that allows you to explore the code through an interactive and fun game, You can even reach your own levels. Test the game on kodingergoy.arkivert.no

UIBundle your new web tools guide


UIBundle is a new addition to website references that offer free resources, where you can find the best interactive design and free resources, to help designers agencies and companies around the world to improve their traffic and global exposure by creating a valuable platform high-quality resources.

Upon arriving at the site you will appreciate the quality of the elements offered and the quality of the design. There is a search engine with a powerful filter system so that you can even search for resources through the type of programs, The website provides ready-to-use design assets from more than 166 independent designers around the world to bring your creative projects to life.

A stunning set that will complement each other over time and help you locate the precious treasure.

so let's meet at uibundle

Alexandra Zutto the creator of the colorful magical universe


Alexandra Zutto is a 27 years old freelance artist who has been working as an illustrator and designer since 2009. based in Miass, a small town in the middle of Russia. She likes to inserts a large number of small details into each of his works uses vibrant contrasting colors and fluid shapes that she likes to bring them to life by animating them. Her sleek vector-based design and graphic style are particularly interesting. The universe of Alexandra Zutto consists of characters and creatures with a cute look sinister and sweet, many colors and also good compositional flexibility making her work particularly appropriate for T-shirts and other garments as you can see on her Tumblr, You can also discover other creations on his Behance and his Dribbble. His special and unique style makes many of her masterpieces published in the most popular art magazines and communities.